Tarot learning can be a powerful experience. The cards show the journey of the soul that is represented by the fool card. The tarot deck consists of 78  cards. The first 22 cards depict the laws of the universe hence depict powerful destiny governed energies.

The 56 minor arcana show the day to day conflicts in terms of emotions, action, health, wealth, family and mind and hence are minor energies.

Together the minor and major cards provide powerful guidance to understand the energies surrounding a situation.

The cards are distributed into 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana cards. Arcanum means a “secret”. It is said that the soul takes a physical body to experience.

The First card in Major Arcana is the Fool; the card is numbered as 0. The following 21 cards are called the Fool’s journey as they define the 21 lessons/ experiences that each soul needs to learn and understand on its journey through various lifetimes. In a reading, major arcana cards will be important messages that need to be understood by the enquirer in that current situation or in the current lifetime.

The minor cards have 4 suits (wands, swords, cups, and pentacles) and each suite has 14 cards (14*4=56). The number 4 is the number of physical manifestations. Hence the four suits represent the four life making physical elements of fire, air, water, and earth.

Our lives are a play of the interaction of the experiential elements of action, intellect, emotions, and body too. Thus minor suits read the day to day life situations for us. Tarot Course in Gurgaon conducted by me has three learning outcomes.

  • First is learning the card meanings along with knowing the meaning of all symbols, colors, numbers depicted in cards.

  • Second is how to ask the right questions, do spreads and get answers. We as the reader tell the enquirer what area of his life is he there to ask.

  • The third is how to end a session with a solution.

Professional Tarot Card Reading Course

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • What are Tarot cards.

  • How tarot works.

  • Detailed Study of Major arcana and Minor arcana.

  • Divinatory Meanings and Pictorial Representations with meanings.

  • Color symbolism and Number System.

  • Self cleansing & Increasing intuition.

  • All Basic and Advanced spreads and shuffling.

  • Practices to give Accurate Readings.

Ms. Karuna MN
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