There is a huge future of photography coz there Is too much fields related to photography… it depends on how you capture those things it doesn't matter its a wedding ,model , animal or nature everyone will just love the way you present.. but you must have to do hard work… for your success , only having an expensive dslr will not make you a good photographer your way of clicking tht moment & time makes you a feel of good photographer and people's will appreciate it too.. now your mind will say that how you will get a good moment & timing snaps , so dont worry your practice with a huge sweat Will give you everything in this world… in case of future if you become a wedding photographer with a good knowledge of working you can earn 3lakh - 6 lakh p.a easily and more upto 6 lakh also if you have good skills of working , your new ideas ,new angles, special moments will give you a good volume of respect , popularity & money too.. in case of fashion photography it depends on your work & contacts , there is no need of moment , moment will wait for you to be ready , if you wana go popular in fashion photography you should have good themes & work area . earning as a fashion photographer depends on how much work you do in a year , but atleast i can say you that one contract can give you earning of 10,000 ₹ minimum… and it can be increase by your work & skills . even some famous fashion photographers charge 20000/- to 50000 for a single snap & they get popularity too..

As a photo journalist you can earn only a job amount it doesn't matter for which news company you work.. it can be 8000₹-50000₹ p.a but for beginers its only 8000–20000 only , after so much experience you will get a good pramotion as a journalis….

as a wildlife photographer you should have to do hardwork…. your one good Snap will give you a good amount but there is luck also exists coz you are only depended on moments of animal and getting moments from animal is so difficul… but if you join a company fr this so you can earn 4lakh to 12lakh p.amore upto your skills and experience about nature & animals

so dont be worried about making photography as your proffesion this is the only work who will met you new things everyday.. new experience every day, new places everyday . Doing photography is more fun.. but remember one thing

“ if you will follow money , popularity & success will be not your life’s part & if you will work for a quality you will get good money & popularity too …

Courses may include photography techniques, studio lighting, color theory, graphic design, digital photography, and artwork critique. Different camera techniques including mobile phone cameras ... These courses typically allow students to experiment with their photographic skills