Creating Stunning Smile:
Direct "Indirect" Veneers with ProVeneer. 
ProVeneer is designed to meet the needs of :
1. Dentists who do ceramic veneers but wish to offer another excellent and economical option.
2. Dentists who do composites, but are looking for an option that is less time consuming and less demanding of artistic skills.
3. Dentist who have never done veneers and wish to do it easily with fast process.
Prepare Natural Looking Veneers
* In clinic
* In less than an hour
* No Tooth Preparation
* No Impression
* No Lab bills
* No bulky layers
* Immediate results
* Affordable!
Every Dentist can do it!!

* Reasechs show that 8 out of 10 patients wish to improve at least 1 tooth its shape, size or appearance. Its lot of cosmetic dentistry that is undo.

* Dentists tend to believe that it's require 6-10 veneers in order to do smile makeover. ProVeneer gives you and Patient the option to do even 1 or 2 and it will look natural and make the impact.