The almond is truly one of nature's finest foods. Recent scientific studies have concluded that almonds provide many healthy benefits. Scientific research shows that the consumption of almonds, as part of a low saturated fat diet, may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by dramatically lowering blood cholesterol levels in the body. Furthermore, almonds are a nutrient packed nut that are excellent sources of the daily vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs.

Types Of Almonds In India:

 Mollar :

Mollar means soft shell in Spanish, and this term covers all the soft-shell varieties. However, when people say molar, they often mean the Mollar Tarragona, which is the principal molar variety. This is the type most widely sold in the shell for immediate consumption because the shells are so easily removed. The fruits are sweet and succulent, and the flavor is long lasting.

 Macron :

Marcona almonds are another sweet variety of gourmet almond that comes from Spain. This almond variety is very popular not only in Spain but the in Mediterranean countries, as well as in India as well.  Marcona almonds (as they are alternatively called) are far sweeter, moister, and softer than the other varieties of the fruit, with a buttery flavor and texture. Apart from the fruits, the nuts are also popular. They are sold raw, roasted, and fried.

 Ferraduel :

This is a French variety of almond which is Hard, wide and flattened shell, with thin, dark brown skin. It comes to India from the region of Nimes in France.



Ferragnes are another variety of almonds that come from France, actually from Cristomorto region in France. Fruits of this variety are quite large size, slightly pointed and usually have brown skins, not very rough. 


















  California Almond :

California is the only place in North America where almonds are grown commercially. There are 49 varieties of almonds grown in the United States. Four varieties make up 85% of all almonds grown in California. The four main varieties are Nonpareil, Carmel, California types, and Mission types.

  Almonds are sorted into 4 grades. These grades measure the quality of the almond in terms of chips and scratches, amount of foreign material, and splits and broken almonds. The four grades of almonds are

    Extra No. 1,

    No. 1 Supreme,

    U.S. Select Sheller Run, and

    U.S. Standard Sheller Run.

   Almonds are also manufactured into 6 types of Almonds. These processed almonds are produced in two ways, blanched and natural. Blanched almonds are manufactured almonds with the skins removed.

California almond growers harvest at least 25 different varieties of almonds each year that are actually categorized into 3 different classifications. Each almond type has its own taste and characteristic. The 3 major classifications are:

Nonpareil – These almonds have a thin outer shell and the kernels have a smooth, light-colored skin so they are easy to blanch. If you want a nice looking smooth kernelled almond that is somewhat flat in shape, nonpareil is the type to buy.

California – There are several varieties included in this type. These have a harder shell, but they are still easy to blanch. Some of the varieties in this category include Carmel, Monterey and Sonora almonds.

Mission – The almonds that get categorized in this classification have a really hard shell. The kernel inside is smaller than the Nonpareil and California almonds. Mission almonds have a dark, wrinkled skin that makes them the perfect choice for flavored almonds. Producers usually do not blanch this type of almond because of the dark wrinkly skin.

Afghanistan Mamra :

Afghanistan the almond varieties grown are under two major classes: soft-shell almonds, known locally as badam-e kaghaz ("paper almond"), which can be easily broken by hand; and hard/medium-shell almonds with the local name of badam-e-sangi ("stone almond"). These have many sub-types and multiple varieties, such as Sattarbai, which is of the soft-shell class. Sattarbai has other varieties such as Sattarbai Sufi, SattarbaiGuldar, and SattarbaiMamakhail.

Iranian Mamra :

Mamra almond is also a type of almond which is distinguished by its very unique texture and appearance. Mamra contains up to 50% oil whereas normal American almond only contains 25–30% oil in it. ... Apart from qualitatively, mamra almond is much more nutritive than other species of almond. Most Organic variety available. Mamra almonds cultivation is organic in nature or with least chemicals.

Health Benifits :

lmonds Reduce Cholesterol:

According to a recent study by the American Dietetic Association, consuming almonds were proven to increase your levels of Vitamin E in your red blood cells and also reduces your risks of having cholesterol. By boosting the levels of vitamin E in your bloodstream antioxidants are formed that prevents your cells from clogging developing cholesterol.  Thus consuming a handful of almonds daily can generate more of vitamin E into your bloodstream and this can also save you from the risk of developing cholesterol.

Almonds are Good for Your Heart:

When almonds are consumed along with some other nuts, it is said that it is good for your heart. Well, according to a study published in 2014, researchers found that samples in the study who consumed almonds has more antioxidants in their bloodstream and this helped in reducing blood pressure and improved the flow of blood to various parts of the body. Also, the research concluded by stating that Mediterranean diets that had a lot of nuts in their foods had more health benefits.


Almonds Regulate Blood Sugar:

Consuming almonds is said to regulate blood sugar levels and stabilize it. This is because almonds have magnesium in it and it advised that you consume a handful of almonds daily. However, people suffering from type 2 diabetes, almonds play an integral role in stabilizing it. So what basically happens if a diabetic consumes almonds? The answer is, the person would develop insulin resistance which is great for people suffering from diabetes and this is because of the content of magnesium in the nut.

Almonds have High Vitamin E:

Almonds are said to contain higher levels of Vitamin E which is an antioxidant that protects your cells from getting toxic. With higher amounts of vitamin E being pumped into your bloodstream, this reduces your risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and heart disease. Make sure that your intake of vitamin E is moderated because excessive intake of vitamin E can lead to prostate cancer. Make sure you consume how much is needed and do not do it in excess.

Almonds Reduces Weight:

Almonds have higher contents of protein and fibre and lower levels of carbohydrates that curbs your appetite and does not keep you craving for long. This also helps in reducing the number of calories on a daily basis. When almonds have the tendency to curb your appetite, this means that you can control what you intake and this helps in regulating your weight.

Almonds are Rich in Nutrients:

The edible seeds drawn out of almond trees are almonds and the United States is the largest producer of almonds in the world. Almonds are rich in nutrients wherein just 28 grams of almonds contain:

  • 6 grams of protein

  • 3.5 grams of fibre

  • 14 grams of fat

  • 37% of vitamin E

  • 32% of manganese

  • 20% of magnesium

Note: Almonds also contain a good source of copper, vitamin B12 and phosphorus that provides 161 calories and 2.5 grams of digestive carbohydrates.

Almonds are Good for Your Eyes:

While carrots are said to be very good for your eyes, almonds have a high source of vitamin E that protects your eyes and prevents abnormal changes to your lens. Thus, consuming almonds will protect your eyes, but do not consume this in excess as this can lead to weight gain. Make it a point to consume almonds in moderation.

Almonds have a Rich Source of Antioxidants:

Almonds have a rich source of antioxidants that can protect you against stress. Stress leads to molecule damage that thereby results in inflammation, cancer and ageing. The antioxidants prevalent in almonds benefit your skin. However, consuming 84 grams of almonds per day can increase the levels of antioxidants in your body that will protect you from ageing and various other diseases.

Almond Nourishes Skin:

You may have read about almonds being a major part of the ingredients in most skin products and this is because of the fact that this nut has loads of benefits for your skin. Almonds contain flavonoid that is similarly found in green tea and broccoli. This component nourishes your skin and is an anti-ageing property for your skin.

Almonds Prevent Cancer:

Almonds have certain amounts of fibre present in it that helps in detoxifying the body. Consuming almonds helps food to move through the digestive system more easily. Almonds have high-fibre in it and this reduces your risk of developing colon cancer. It also has loads of vitamin E and flavonoids that regulate breast cancer.

Almonds Improve Your Brain Power:

Almonds contain L-carnitine and riboflavin that helps in the growth of brain cells. One major chemical that helps the brain in cognitive function if phenylalanine and almonds do have this chemical in them. Consuming just five pieces of almonds every morning can help you boost your brain power.

Almonds are Best for Treating Anemia:

Anaemia is usually caused when red blood cells carry very less oxygen to the brain. Thus, almonds contain, copper, iron and vitamins that help in producing more haemoglobin and as a result, almonds can be used to prevent anaemia.

Almonds are Good for Your Nerves:

Almonds have some amount of magnesium in them that it benefits the nervous system. This also helps in a developing a healthy metabolic rate. Magnesium also helps in better bone tissue. This has so much benefited that even peanut butter cannot offer you.

Almonds Treat Acne and Blackheads:

Almonds are considered to be the best remedy that can prevent and fight acne, blackheads and whiteheads through the fatty acids found in it. These fatty acids control the oil that gets clogged in these skin pores and thus when the almond oil is applied to your skin it also helps in reducing skin rashes.

Almonds Treat Stretch Marks:

Almond oil makes it effective for treating stretch marks by nourishing the skin and preventing skin tear. All you need to do is to heat the almond oil and apply it on the stretch marks and leave for an hour. Make sure you apply this twice a day and you will see the difference.

Almonds Prevent Grey Hair:

Almond oil is very essential in treating any kind of hair problems from hair fall to preventing hair from turning grey, you name it, almond oil comes in handy. Almond oil also helps in curing dandruff and other types of hair problems. The best part about using almond oil for your hair is that it gives a silky and shiny texture.

Almonds Help in Hair Growth:

Lack of magnesium in your body leads to loss of hair and thus the high amounts of magnesium found in almonds help your hair grow fast and develop a strong strand. Thus, almonds help in hair growth.

Almonds are Natural Anesthetics:

When it comes to any stitching of your skin, plucking of the tooth or so forth, almond oil can play an important role such that it can hell as an anaesthetic. Almond oil has a toxic compound called glycoside amygdalin that makes your nerves insensitive and so you may feel numb once this is applied. Also, keep in mind that you can use bitter almond oil only as an anaesthetic and not for any other purposes.

Almonds Increase Mental Alertness:

When almonds are mixed with milk they become rich in potassium. This is one of the main minerals that boost the number of electrolytes in your body, thus providing the body with more energy. When there is a boost in electrolytes, your memory flow also increases and this can happen by consuming almond milk. In simple terms, almond milk makes your memory sharper.

Almonds Prevent Birth Defects:

Almonds contain folic acids that protect the mother from any sort of birth defects. Folic acid plays an integral role in the development of healthy cell growth and also helps in the life cycle of a growing fetus. Pregnant women who consume almonds can help protect their baby from developing any sort of birth defects.

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Iranian Mamra