Six Sigma process is a disciplined, statistics based data-driven improvement methodology for eliminating defects in a product, process or service. Six Sigma process can also be identified as a measure of process and performance that strives to run the business efficiently. This is the reason why Six Sigma certification has gradually gained popularity among hundreds of companies across the globe.

Six sigma process works on 6 levels (Sigma levels). Performance of a process is measured on sigma levels ranging from 1 to 6 basis its productivity. Once the current performance of a process is measured, the goal is to continuously improve the sigma level striving towards sigma 6. Even if the level doesn’t make it to sigma 6, only a point raise from sigma 4 to sigma 5 is enough to improve the business process.

The Six Sigma certification has three levels as Yellow BeltGreen Belt, and Black Belt. It is not necessary to be certified in all three levels. You can select the level which is most appropriate to your career objectives.

The Six Sigma Green Belt training improves the ability to confidently discuss rather complex subjects, effectively solve problems, and provide useful recommendations. The Six Sigma Green Belt certification gives you confidence in effectively finishing projects and reducing operation costs for your organization.

Dr. Kshitij Mawlikar
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